How Does Your Weight Between Early and Middle Adulthood Effect Your Health?

bybetway 桌球 onMarch 25, 2021·0 comments

If you gain weight during yourearly adult years through middle-age how does that impact your health and the risk of dying too young?A recent study showed that weight gain in adulthood significantly increased all causes of death. In this nationally representative study, the researchers also found that those who lost enough weight to move from the obese category down to the overweight category reduced their risk of dying by 50% compared to those that remained obese.

If weight was lost when a person was older, it did not improve their health because weight loss at an older age is often unintentional and associated with either a health condition or lose of muscle mass. These research findings add more support for the need for strategies to help adults lose weight even if it only results in moving their weight category from obese to overweight.

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